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How to Brew Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea contains bergamot orange oil as a flavouring which gives it the distinctive flavour tea connoisseurs love. This type of tea has been known since the early 1800s, or maybe even before, in England. This tea is believed to be named after the second Earl Grey who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain in the 1830s. He received a gift of bergamot oil flavoured tea.

The bergamot orange is a citrus tree which blossoms during the winter. One legend states that a Chinaman’s son was saved from drowning by one of Lord Grey’s men in China, so he gave the tea as a token of gratitude. Another tale says an envoy from China brought the tea into England. The Grey family today say the tea was blended by a Chinese Mandarin for Lord Grey, and he added bergamot because the local water had a lot of lime scale in it and the bergamot offset the harsh mineral flavour.

Have you heard of London Fog? That is a special tea made with Earl Grey, vanilla syrup and steamed milk. There are lots of other variations to Earl Grey, some of which feature rose petals, Seville oranges, lavender, jasmine and other fragrant ingredients. In this video you can see a professional tea sommelier making Earl Grey. She offers plenty of tips. The tea should brew for about 5 minutes before you serve it, in order for the flavour to fully develop. Add sugar and/or milk if you wish. A slice of lemon instead of the milk also suits the flavour of this type of tea. Continue reading

British Tea-Making Tips from 1941

Not only does this video offer a variety of tea facts and tea-making tips but it also offers a fascinating glimpse into the culture of 1940s Britain. Whether you are looking for tea-making tips or you are just curious, this video is well worth a look for its nostalgic feel. Some of the tips are probably not relevant to you, such as how to clean an industrial-sized tea urn, but other tips are worth thinking about, and this interesting video offers something to fascinate and amuse tea-drinkers everywhere.

There is a science behind making tea, and the temperature of the water, type of tea you use and brewing time are all important if you want to make the best-tasting brew. These days many of us simply dunk a teabag in a mug of hot water, but it is also nice to know how to make tea using tealeaves, the old-fashioned way.

Teatime recipes taste better when they are served with a perfect pot or cup of tea, so if you are planning an afternoon tea party then learning how to make tea the correct way is crucial. Good tea is hot, flavourful and served in a nice cup. Part of the enjoyment is about the ceremony itself, and serving tea from a decorative bone china teapot and teatime recipes which are homemade and also presented on attractive crockery all adds to the feel of the event. Continue reading

How to Make Tea

Learning how to make tea is highly useful if you want to have a successful tea party or if you simply wish to enjoy a cup of tea made the right way. In this video Peter Oakley takes you through the complete tea-making process from start to finish. Learn how to make a pot or cup of tea which tastes exactly as tea should taste.

A large part of teatime is the ceremony aspect of brewing and serving tea. Of course you could just dump a teabag in a chipped old mug and throw some boiling water and milk in there, but that is not the daintiest way of doing things! Teatime is more enjoyable if you take the time to make a good pot of tea and serve it in matching cups and saucers, with milk and sugar on the side for your guests to add themselves.

Different people have different ways of preparing tea but this video was chosen because Peter is a lovely retired gentleman who has been making tea for more than 80 years, so he is sure to have learned all the best tips and tricks of tea-making along the way. Continue reading

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