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About Teatime Recipes offers plenty of information about teatime treats such as cucumber sandwiches, scones, Battenberg cake, and all the other scrumptious morsels associated with afternoon tea.

Teatime is not simply about drinking tea and eating. There is a certain delicacy and daintiness to the proceedings which is a delightful part of British culture and also charming to other nationalities.

What We Offer

Whether you are looking for ideas about what to make or advice as to what one should wear for afternoon tea or how to set the table to make everything look delicious, you are in the right place.

A lot of the recipes and tips are videos, so you can actually see how the recipes are made rather than just reading them as text. This is much nicer if you like to watch every step of the recipe preparation so you can make sure your recipe comes out just as nicely.

Authentic Information and Recipes

Although the Recipe Publishing Network is based in the United States, we are lucky enough to have some very skilled British writers working for us, to add an air of authenticity to Teatime Recipes and ensure all the information and recipes are accurate and typically British.

We add new material often, both recipes and other useful articles and how-to guides, to whet your appetite and give you new ideas for teatime cooking and tea parties.

You do not have to be British to enjoy teatime, but learning how to make the perfect pot of tea as well as all manner of tempting little snacks means anybody can offer a wonderful and authentic afternoon tea.

Thanks for visiting today and enjoy Teatime Recipes.

Christine and Everyone at the Recipe Publishing Network

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Christine Szalay-Kudra

Hi, my name is Christine and I would like to welcome you to TeaTime Recipes. Tea has always been a favourite of mine and I adore the tradition of serving this wonderful beverage with all kinds of little snacks both sweet and savoury. Read More