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very easy macaroni cheese

English Style Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni cheese, also known as macaroni and cheese in the UK, or mac ‘n cheese in some parts, is a combination of macaroni pasta and a cheese sauce. Although it is often served as a side dish across the Pond, in the UK it is almost always served as a main dish. If you want to tweak the recipe, consider adding carrots, sweetcorn or broccoli to the pasta pot a few minutes before it is fully cooked. Some cooked sliced leeks and crumbled bacon or sliced hot dogs mixed into the finished dish would also be good. This recipe makes enough for two people, but you can easily double or triple it, to feed a family.

Use mild or mature cheddar cheese, or even vintage, extra-strong cheddar. Some people like to add a little parmesan or gruyere. You will need a handful of cheese (as much cheese as you can grab in one hand) for the main recipe and then a little more for sprinkling on top before you bake the dish at the end, just enough to go on top and melt. Forgo this last stage if you do not want to bake it, and just serve it as soon as the macaroni is added.

Although you will often see mac ‘n cheese listed on menus in the United States, the recipe is of English origin. It was introduced to the US and Canada by British immigrants. Of course, the macaroni component is Italian, but combining it with a cheese sauce is something English cooks came up with as far back as in the 1300s. Head north to Scotland and you will find the ‘macaroni cheese pie’ where prepared macaroni cheese is served in a pastry shell. Macaroni cheese is usually prepared from scratch in the UK, although you can get tinned (canned) versions as well as boxed mixes (which are obviously inferior to this delicious homemade version!) Continue reading

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