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with mustard sauce

Boiled Bacon with Mustard Sauce

This stick-to-the-ribs type Irish recipe is perfect for those cooler months when you want something hearty and warming in the evening. Although you can use unsalted bacon, the traditional meat of choice is the smoked kind. We are cooking carrots and cabbage with the bacon (leave these out if you prefer) and making mashed potatoes on the side, along with a flavourful parsley and mustard sauce. Not only does the cooked bacon freeze, but there is never any waste with this recipe because you can use leftovers in sandwiches the following day, or just serve them with fried egg, chips (fries) and pickles.

You will need a large pot to make this, since the bacon and vegetables are cooked together in there with fresh herbs. When the bacon and vegetables are almost done, you can start the mashed potatoes. Mash butter into them, and perhaps some cream or milk too, depending on the consistency you prefer. The sauce is made with stock (from the bacon), cream, mustard and parsley, and it complements the meat just perfectly.

This makes a meal for 6 people, but because you can use or freeze the leftovers, you can make the full amount. If you are only feeding 3 people though, it is easy enough to halve the recipe. Else simply reduce the amount of mashed potatoes, since the bacon, vegetables and sauce will keep for several days and can be served cold or gently warmed back up for another taste of this delicious Irish dish. Continue reading

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