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Easy Toffee Recipe

Toffee is made by caramelising sugar with butter, and sometimes flour is added too. Toffee can be plain, or feature nuts or raisins. You need to boil the ingredients until the mixture is stiff, then you can pull the sheet of toffee into shape and let it cool. Toffee can range from sticky and soft to hard and brittle, depending what kind of result you want. English toffee is buttery and often contains almonds. You can get it hard or chewy. Honeycomb toffee is made by adding vinegar and baking soda while mixing. When these react with the carbon dioxide in the mixture, you get lots of tiny holes in the toffee.

The type of toffee made in this video is the kind used for making toffee apples in the UK. Making your own toffee is very easy and you only need sugar and water. If you like, you can add a few drops of red food colouring for a rich red colour, but that is optional. The toffees are made in individual paper liners and decorated with Hundreds and Thousands (known in some places as sprinkles) for a cute look.

Serve them in the cupcake papers and perhaps coordinate those with your tablecloth and serviettes for a colour coordinated teatime treat. These are very, very sweet so make sure you serve a selection of contrasting savoury foods too, such as sandwiches and savoury tarts or pastries, for a nice, balanced teatime spread. Continue reading

John Torode and the Perfect Club Sandwich

A club sandwich, or clubhouse sandwich, is a toasted bread sandwich with turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. Sometimes this sandwich features chicken instead of turkey, or roast beef instead. There might be ham instead of bacon, or cheese slices. Honey pickle is a popular condiment in some styles of club sandwich, and there might be a little mustard too, especially if beef is used as a filling.

These sandwiches are often cut into quarters and held together with toothpicks. Three slices of bread are used to make this sandwich, rather than two, so a club sandwich is taller than a regular sandwich. This makes an interesting choice for teatime, so you might like to learn how to make a classic club sandwich. You should not use too much filling in each sandwich, else these can be messy to eat.

Ensure all the ingredients are chilled before you start to assemble the sandwiches. In this video the bread is not buttered. Instead you need to combine some mayonnaise with mustard to make Dijonnaise. Once everything is in place, it is time to trim off the crusts and add the toothpicks to hold the sandwiches together. These look colourful and appetising at teatime and the way the ingredients contrast together is magical. Take your pick from chicken or turkey. Different home cooks like to use different poultry, or perhaps you have some cooked chicken to use up, in which case the choice is already made for you. Continue reading

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