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treacle tart

Tempting Treacle Tart

This fantastic British tart is made with a buttery shortbread crust and a thick, sweet golden syrup filling. Golden syrup is another name for light treacle. We are also adding lemon zest and breadcrumbs to the filling. Some recipes for treacle tart use ground almonds rather than fresh breadcrumbs. This tart is delicious hot or chilled. It goes well with clotted cream or, if you cannot get it where you are, whipped cream instead. Vanilla ice cream would be good instead. This is quite a simple recipe. The crust is prepared first because it needs chilling time. The crust is baked blind, the filling is added, and then the tart is baked again.

Treacle tart is popular with kids and with the the grownups too. Have you read the Harry Potter books? Treacle tart is actually Harry’s favourite tart and it is popular at all of the Hogwarts parties and feasts. The child-catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tries to lure the children out of the basement by offering this dessert too. A slice of this makes an excellent dessert, or you could enjoy it as a sweet snack with a beverage of choice.

Treacle tart dates back to 1883, when golden syrup (the main ingredient) was invented. Treacle stayed the generic name for syrupy by-products of the sugar refining process, although it used to only come in the thick, dark brown variety. Medieval gingerbread recipes called for sugar and breadcrumbs to make similar desserts, although honey would have been used as the sweetener back then in place of syrup or treacle. Continue reading

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