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How To Make Stuffed New Potato Canapés

New potatoes can be stuffed to make a delicious appetiser or afternoon tea component. This type of potato has a crisp, waxy texture and a thin skin which is eaten along with the rest of the potato. A new potato is a young potato. They can hold their shape once cooked and cut open. A new potato is sweeter than a regular one because the sugar has not yet converted into starch. This makes them ideal for salads.

The best-known type of new potato is the Jersey Royal and when they appear near the end of April in the UK, this often indicates the beginning of summer. They are usually sold until July. Pentland Javelin is another kind of new potato, as are ones labelled ‘salad potatoes’ and those are best eaten cold. When buying new potatoes, get ones which are dry, firm and unblemished. Do not rinse them until you are using them because the dirt protects them from bruising or deteriorating. Just rinse them before using – you do not need to wash them.

Usually new potatoes are simmered for 10 minutes and served with salt and butter, but in this recipe they are par-boiled and then deep-fried, before being filled. Some of these are filled with a garlic tomato mixture, some have a sour cream and bacon filling, and the rest have a crème fraîche and caviar filling. Serve these chilled at teatime for a delicious, healthy snack at tea time. Continue reading

John Torode and the Perfect Club Sandwich

A club sandwich, or clubhouse sandwich, is a toasted bread sandwich with turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. Sometimes this sandwich features chicken instead of turkey, or roast beef instead. There might be ham instead of bacon, or cheese slices. Honey pickle is a popular condiment in some styles of club sandwich, and there might be a little mustard too, especially if beef is used as a filling.

These sandwiches are often cut into quarters and held together with toothpicks. Three slices of bread are used to make this sandwich, rather than two, so a club sandwich is taller than a regular sandwich. This makes an interesting choice for teatime, so you might like to learn how to make a classic club sandwich. You should not use too much filling in each sandwich, else these can be messy to eat.

Ensure all the ingredients are chilled before you start to assemble the sandwiches. In this video the bread is not buttered. Instead you need to combine some mayonnaise with mustard to make Dijonnaise. Once everything is in place, it is time to trim off the crusts and add the toothpicks to hold the sandwiches together. These look colourful and appetising at teatime and the way the ingredients contrast together is magical. Take your pick from chicken or turkey. Different home cooks like to use different poultry, or perhaps you have some cooked chicken to use up, in which case the choice is already made for you. Continue reading

How to Make Tea

Learning how to make tea is highly useful if you want to have a successful tea party or if you simply wish to enjoy a cup of tea made the right way. In this video Peter Oakley takes you through the complete tea-making process from start to finish. Learn how to make a pot or cup of tea which tastes exactly as tea should taste.

A large part of teatime is the ceremony aspect of brewing and serving tea. Of course you could just dump a teabag in a chipped old mug and throw some boiling water and milk in there, but that is not the daintiest way of doing things! Teatime is more enjoyable if you take the time to make a good pot of tea and serve it in matching cups and saucers, with milk and sugar on the side for your guests to add themselves.

Different people have different ways of preparing tea but this video was chosen because Peter is a lovely retired gentleman who has been making tea for more than 80 years, so he is sure to have learned all the best tips and tricks of tea-making along the way. Continue reading

The Best Dessert Chefs in Britain

Perhaps you are familiar with BBC2’s cookery programme ‘Great British Menu’ which pits up-and-coming British chefs against one another to see who can prepare the most delicious food. Each episode focuses on a slightly different element of cooking to see which chef is the best all-rounder, capable of making delicious starters, satisfying main dishes and perfect puddings as well.

Because the UK has so many fantastic recipes and a wealth of food and cooking history, many of the chefs on the programme opt to recreate British classics, perhaps altering them slightly to add their own unique touch. This is easy to do yourself. Take sherry trifle, for example. It is hard to improve on a classic recipe like that but if you want to make sherry trifle your own, try swapping the sherry for brandy, using a different flavour of jelly, or adding something else to the mix.

The best chefs in Britain today are not those who make authentic recipes only, but those who have mastered the art of preparing traditional British recipes and are also able to put their own twist on those dishes and come up with their own signature recipes as well. This episode is the final in the series so you will see the most impressive British dessert recipes of all. The chefs like to save their very best for last. Continue reading

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