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spiced chutney with pear

Pear and Ginger Chutney

We are using pears and apples as the basis for this delicious chutney, along with various spices. Homemade chutney is always great and makes a nice homemade gift. Served with a platter or cold meats or a cheese board, your favourite pork pie recipe, or British style salad, it adds a warm, spicy touch to the dish, and complements all kinds of ingredients. This chutney takes a while to prepare and cook, but there is nothing difficult about it. The recipe simply needs plenty of simmering time for the flavours to mellow and combine. Remember to weight the pears and apples after preparing them, not before.

Bottle the finished chutney in sterilized jars, using the thin handle of a long spoon or a skewer to get the bubbles out of the mixture in the jar. Fill the jars up to the bottom of the next, and then add a little more, because the chutney might shrink slightly when it cools down. Seal the jars while hot, but wait until they cool down to label them. Now you can keep them somewhere cool and dark, or give them to friends or family as gifts.

The chutney will keep for more than a year and many people prefer to leave it alone for several months so the flavours can develop further. Once you have opened a jar, keep it refrigerated. This recipe makes about eight 9-ounce (250g) jars of chutney. You can halve or quarter the recipe if you just want to try the chutney out to see whether you like it before making so much at once. Continue reading

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