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smoked salmon and quail egg canapes

Smoked Salmon and Quail Egg Canapes

Canapes are often quick and easy to make, and these are certainly a breeze to put together. We are using baguette bread and topping it with mayonnaise (or aioli which is garlic mayonnaise), smoked salmon, red onion, and fresh dill. You can also add some sundried tomatoes if you want, and perhaps capers too. This is good finger food so keep the pieces small and these can be eaten with the hands. The delicate smoked salmon, little quail eggs and aromatic dill weed go together perfectly while the optional sundried tomatoes add a touch of sweetness and the red onion lends a piquant bite to the canapes, making them well-balanced.

Serve these with a glass of wine as soon as your visitors arrive. They will keep everyone happy until the main meal is served. Our recipes makes 12 servings, so count on one per person if you are serving a full meal shortly afterwards or two if you are only offering canapes and drinks. These are best served as soon as they are made but they will keep in the fridge for an hour if you make them ahead. Use toothpicks to secure them if necessary.

We like to use lightly toasted baguette bread (French stick) for the base, although you could consider melba toast triangles or ciabatta if you prefer. The quail eggs can be swapped for sliced boiled hen eggs but those are less impressive because they are larger and more familiar. The rest of the ingredients are especially chosen to showcase the main ingredients. These look elegant and taste delicious. Continue reading

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