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Authentic Devon Scones

If you’re ever on holiday in Devon, in the southwest of England, you absolutely have to have a Devonshire cream tea! You get a pot of hot tea (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, whatever kind you want) along with freshly baked scones, jam (usually strawberry but sometimes raspberry and blackcurrant are also offered) and clotted cream. There is nothing else on Earth quite like authentic Devon scones, and for good reason too. These tasty, crumbly scones are not too sweet and not too savoury. They are topped with rich, thick clotted cream and then sweet strawberry jam. Hot tea goes perfectly with them.

Perhaps you’re reading this thinking ‘wait a minute, clotted cream is Cornish, isn’t it? What’s the difference between Devon cream tea and Cornish cream tea?’ Well if you ask someone from Devon or Cornwall they will have very strong opinions that their method is correct! However, the scones and tea are the same – it’s just about how they are prepared, either cream first and then jam, or jam first and then cream. It is much disputed there!

In Devon it’s cream first and then jam because the cream spreads easier on the scones than on the jam. In Cornwall it’s never, ever cream first – the cream goes on top! I suggest you make these scones and try both ways to see which you like best. Eat these scones the day you make them or freeze then thaw for a few hours and refresh them for 10 minutes in a warm oven. Continue reading

Crumbly Strawberry Scones

Although scones in England are often served plain (or with raisins) and topped with strawberry jam and clotted cream, these are a little different. We are incorporating fresh strawberries into the scone batter for sweetness and colour. We also use sugar, flour, baking powder, sugar, butter and Half & Half – or light cream (single cream) or cold buttermilk – to make the batter, so you can expect a delicious, crumbly result. Serve these warm from the oven or keep them in an airtight container at room temperature for up to a couple of days. Although you can halve these and spread them with butter, they are also very good without.

The size you cut the berries into depends on their size. Small ones can be halved but larger ones should be quartered, else you will have too many strawberry parts that stick out of the scones. You could try this recipe with raspberries or blackberries if you like, to make a change. Why not prepare these for your next tea party? Add some delicate little sandwiches, homemade cake and a pot of tea to round it out.

There is not much that can go wrong with this recipe. Just try not to overmix the dough (as soon as everything is incorporated and the dry ingredients are mixed in well, it is done) and keep an eye on it in the oven towards the end of the baking time. The sugar on top at the end adds a nice crunch on top, but watch these cook for the final 5 minutes because they can burn if you do not, and then they might be dry. Continue reading

Traditional Cheese Scones

Although scones come in plain or fruit varieties, cheese scones are especially tasty. This video shows you how to make English cheese scones which are wonderful served at teatime, split in half and buttered. Scones are deliciously dense and flavourful and their texture is what distinguishes them from other savoury teatime treats.

Serve them warm from the oven for a real treat. Fruit scones usually feature sultanas or raisins while plain scones are plain. Cheese scones can be made with Cheddar cheese or another type, and they are nice spiced up with the addition of some mustard or paprika to enhance their flavour.

Scones are a favourite at teatime, served perhaps with finger sandwiches and dainty little cakes, and of course a pot of your favourite tea. Making scones is very easy and all you need are the ingredients and an oven. Serve them warm or let them cool down. Scones will keep in an airtight container for a couple of days but these are so yummy you probably will not have any left after your afternoon tea party. Continue reading

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