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Parsnip-Topped Spiced Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is usually a simple mixture of ground lamb, vegetables and a creamy potato topping, but this recipe takes the basic concept and adds some tweaks. Although the ingredients might sound like an unusual combination, this is a really tasty recipe for the whole family, and you can even make double the amount and freeze the cooked pie in individual portions. The potato and parsnip topping is flavoured with turmeric, chilli, cilantro (fresh coriander), lemon juice, and butter. This goes on top of the lamb mixture, although of course you can use ground beef rather than lamb if you prefer.

The meat sauce is flavoured with curry powder, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and chickpeas. You can swap the chickpeas for frozen green peas if you prefer. Indian food is really popular in the UK, and in fact there are more curry houses in London than India! We have taken inspiration from the British love for Indian cuisine, adding some spice to this classic English dish for an unusual, delicious result, although you can reduce the amount of spice if you prefer.

You do not need to serve a side dish with this, since you have meat, vegetables and potatoes in the one dish, but if you want to, consider broccoli, asparagus or another green vegetable. You can either make one large shepherd’s pie or else make six individual ones if you have six ovenproof ramekins. If you love shepherd’s pie recipes but are in the mood for something a little more exotic, try this recipe. Continue reading

Traditional English Cumberland Pie

Cumberland pie is very similar to both shepherds’ pie and cottage pie. In fact, at first glance, it looks pretty much identical, and it is true they are all made from a ground meat mixture topped with mashed potatoes. However, Cumberland pie has toasted breadcrumbs in it, unlike the other two. These can be sprinkled on top over or under the cheese, or else combined with the cheese and potatoes to make one layer. Ground beef rather than ground lamb is the meat of choice for a traditional Cumberland pie recipe, and this pie also has vegetables in it, such as carrots, onion and perhaps celery too.

This recipe is open to interpretation. Some people like to add tabasco sauce or tomato paste, while others do not. The breadcrumbs should be homemade for the best results, rather than the dried ones you can buy in a package. Serve the finished pie with broccoli or another green vegetable on the side. Of course the pie has meat, vegetables and potatoes in it, so you do not need to serve a side dish but a green vegetable contrasts nicely and offers extra nutrients.

In the last century, textile workers, coal miners and similar would have grown up with large families and enjoyed this filling dish. Rationing ended in 1954 so a lot of people born in the 1970s and 1980s would have grandmothers who learnt their cooking skills during the rationing era, when a small amount of meat had to be stretched to go a long way because it was hard to get. A lot of these old-fashioned English pie recipes are simple and frugal for this reason. These days we have other ingredients available to liven up the dish, such as hot sauce, tomato paste, celery and other ingredients which were simply not around during and just after wartime, so take advantage of whatever is in your cupboard, use your imagination, and tweak this recipe to suit your own palate. Continue reading

Chicken, Leek and Gammon Pie

The filling in this homemade pie is amazing. We are using chicken and gammon to make it. What is gammon, you might be wondering if you are not from the UK. Well, it is the hind leg of pork after curing. Sometimes it is smoked, and other times not. It needs to be cooked before eating it. If you are served a roasted ham in the UK, it is usually known as gammon steak, or just gammon. If you cannot get gammon steak, buy some cured ham instead. We are also using leeks, mushrooms and chicken in the filling, along with garlic, white wine, cheddar cheese, cream and chicken stock for the perfect taste.

First we are cooking the vegetables and then adding the garlic, wine, some flour, milk, the stock and cheese, followed by the cooked meats. Once everything is cooked through and well combined, you can transfer it into a baking dish and then top with your choice of puff pastry or shortcrust pastry. Puff pastry is more flaky, while shortcrust is more solid. You can use whichever you prefer or whichever you can find readymade.

The baking time will be between 30 and 40 minutes, depending which type of pastry you use. Because the filling is already cooked, as soon as you see the pastry turning golden brown, the pie is ready to serve. This is great served with mashed potatoes and perhaps carrots, broccoli or another fresh vegetable on the side. The filling is rich and creamy, so you do not need to make additional gravy or sauce to go with it.

Continue reading

Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Savoury pies are really popular all over the UK, and fillings vary. Everyone has their own favourite and there are certainly plenty of options to choose from. Well-loved British pie fillings include beef, chicken, fish, and even more unusual choices such as lamb and fresh mint, pork and stilton, or even eels. The following pie recipe is a classic example of British comfort food, and we are using chicken and mushrooms in the filling, along with thyme, chicken stock, white wine, cream, and some peas too if you want to add them. We like to make the pies in 4 individual dishes but you can make one large pie if you prefer.

In the UK you can buy readymade pies, and either enjoy them cold or warm them up (or you can buy them hot from pie shops) but honestly nothing beats a homemade pie. This one is great served with mashed potatoes and your favourite vegetables. Consider broccoli, green beans or snow peas, along with carrots or corn on the cob. Some people might prefer fries or even potato salad or another kind of starch.

This savoury pie recipe is something the kids are going to love as much as the grownups, considering there are no strong flavours in there, just delicious creamy chicken and vegetables. You can leave the white wine out if you are making it for the kids although the alcohol should evaporate during cooking and we are only using a little anyway. Continue reading

Chicken and Vegetable Pie with Thyme and Nutmeg

If you are going to make a pie from scratch, you might as well do it properly, which is why we have chosen to share this homemade chicken and vegetable pie recipe made from scratch using a whole chicken, vegetables, and even a homemade pastry crust. This pie takes a while to make but the end flavour is well worth it because it offers such a wonderfully fresh taste. Imagine serving this on a chilly weekend evening with some steaming hot mashed potato on the side and perhaps some corn on the cob or another side dish. Your whole family is going to fall in love with the amazing taste it offers.

We like to use a whole chicken for this because we are using this to make a stock as well as to get the chicken for the filling. Celery, onion, carrot and potatoes feature in this recipe, along with aromatic ingredients such as thyme, bay leaves and nutmeg. The pastry is made in a food processor using flour, lard and butter, and we are brushing beaten egg over the top of the pie crust to give it a nice, glossy shine and golden colour.

Because this pie has meat, vegetables and potatoes in there, you might want to serve it by itself instead of with a side dish or two, but it is also nice with mashed potato. The pie makes its own gravy inside so you do not need to make separate gravy for it. Although this pie takes longer to make than some of our other savoury pie recipes, it is well worth making for a special occasion because the flavour is amazing. Continue reading

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