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potato canapés recipe

How To Make Stuffed New Potato Canapés

New potatoes can be stuffed to make a delicious appetiser or afternoon tea component. This type of potato has a crisp, waxy texture and a thin skin which is eaten along with the rest of the potato. A new potato is a young potato. They can hold their shape once cooked and cut open. A new potato is sweeter than a regular one because the sugar has not yet converted into starch. This makes them ideal for salads.

The best-known type of new potato is the Jersey Royal and when they appear near the end of April in the UK, this often indicates the beginning of summer. They are usually sold until July. Pentland Javelin is another kind of new potato, as are ones labelled ‘salad potatoes’ and those are best eaten cold. When buying new potatoes, get ones which are dry, firm and unblemished. Do not rinse them until you are using them because the dirt protects them from bruising or deteriorating. Just rinse them before using – you do not need to wash them.

Usually new potatoes are simmered for 10 minutes and served with salt and butter, but in this recipe they are par-boiled and then deep-fried, before being filled. Some of these are filled with a garlic tomato mixture, some have a sour cream and bacon filling, and the rest have a crème fraîche and caviar filling. Serve these chilled at teatime for a delicious, healthy snack at tea time. Continue reading

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