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patriotic union jack flag tart

Patriotic Union Jack Flag Tart

This delicious Union Jack tart looks amazing and it is also a lot of fun to prepare. We are making a homemade pastry crust and filling it with a creamy sweet mixture, before adding the final touches – blueberries and raspberries – on top. There are various ways you could make this. If you prefer a cake to a tart, prepare any kind of cake, cooking it in an oblong tin, then you can use the berries on top. If you prefer strawberries to raspberries, either whole or halved, feel free to use those instead. A slice of this makes a patriotic sweet snack or dessert and everyone is sure to admire your creativity when you present this.

There is nothing difficult about making this British flag tart. The pastry is largely just a case of combining the ingredients and then rolling it out, while for the filling you need to combine mascarpone, crème fraiche (or sour cream if you prefer), vanilla and icing sugar. We like to add a layer of jelly between the pie crust and the creamy filling, but you can omit that step if you prefer.

The pie crust is baked but that is all the cooking you need to do because the tart filling is not cooked at all. Make this ahead if you like, then keep it in the fridge until you are ready to serve it. Whether you are making this for a Jubilee party, St Andrew’s Day or another patriotic occasion, everything is sure to love the sweet flavours in there. The creamy filling, fresh berries and crispy pastry combine perfectly. Continue reading

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