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how to roast topside

Roasted Topside of Beef

Topside comes from innermost cattle thigh muscle. It is quite tender and lean, which makes it a good cut of beef for roasting. Butchers often leave a layer of fat on top which will baste the beef while it cooks. You can cut this off and discard it after cooking if you do not want to eat it. You can get topside in small or large cuts depending how much you need. Along with the beef you just need olive oil, salt and pepper. The topside is roasted in a hot and then warm oven until done to your liking, and you can serve it with potatoes, vegetables and gravy. This makes a wonderful family meal for Sunday lunchtime.

Topside can be carved into lean slices, another reason it is so good for roasting. It can also be used to make a pot roast or you can braise it on a bed of vegetables and beef bouillon. However you cook this cut of beef, you should let it rest for 20 minutes before serving so the juices can redistribute and settle. Silverside beef is similar but it needs to be braised else it will dry out in the oven.

Consider a topside mini-joint which is ideal for a 2 or 3-person household. Such a small cut of beef will be cooked in less than an hour. You will often get extra fat with these mini-joints which you can take off before you serve the meat. A joint is the British word for a meat roast. Enjoy this with Yorkshire puddings and perhaps roasted potatoes and vegetables. Mashed potatoes is also wonderful with beef topside, and do not forget the homemade gravy. Continue reading

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