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garlicky fried potatoes with mushrooms

Garlicky Fried Potatoes with Mushrooms

Every British chef (or British food fan who loves to cook) knows how to roast beef, pork or chicken or cook sausages, fish or another protein, but what about the side dish? What tasty side dish is the best to prepare and serve with perfectly cooked, juicy meat, poultry or fish? Actually there are plenty of British side dish options, and although some unfortunate British generations of bygone years might shudder, recalling soggy boiled sprouts, cabbage or carrots without much fondness, these days British side dishes and vegetables are more about crispiness over sogginess, flavour over blandness, and new, fresh ideas.

Gone are the days when soggy, over-boiled vegetables, a piece of meat and a miserly spoonful of gravy could be called a ‘dinner’ (and this is one reason the Brits do not miss the days of rationing!) These days, all kinds of meats are available, along with vegetables from all over the globe. Sometimes though, it is better to stick to simple recipes – take this basic potato, mushroom and garlic side dish, for instance.

All you need are sliced potatoes and mushrooms, garlic, and some oil and salt. Parsley goes well too. Gather these ingredients and you can make a simple yet supremely satisfying side dish which is sure to complement any protein, be it meat, poultry, fish, seafood or even a vegetarian alternative. The potatoes are pan-fried in oil until crispy, and then the mushrooms, parsley and garlic are added. Cook until the potatoes are tender and crispy, then add a little salt and serve. Omit the garlic if you do not like it, or the parsley if you do not have any. Use baby bella mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms or another kind. Continue reading

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