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garlic and herb lamb shanks

Slow Roasted Lamb Shanks

Lamb shanks always make a delicious meal and they are easy to work with. It is hard to overcook them because they have quite a high fat content. In fact, if you keep the heat quite low (we are using 180 degrees C/350 degrees F here but you can go lower and cook longer) you will be able to see when the shanks are cooked. If the meat is still clinging tightly to the bone, they need more time. If the meat is coming away from the bone and very tender they are done. So there is no need for meat thermometers or cutting into the meat to check with this recipe. In fact, it is simple enough for a cooking novice.

We are cutting little pockets into the lamb and filling them with a butter and herb mixture, then sitting each shank on a bed of garlic, adding a splash of white wine, enclosing them in foil packets and baking them until perfect. If you want to add some vegetables between the garlic and lamb, consider adding a couple of finely sliced carrots, a finely sliced onion and a finely sliced leek to the recipe. Else make vegetables to serve on the side.

You might remember lamb shanks being much cheaper a few years back and, if so, you are right! Unfortunately this cut of lamb has recently come into vogue with celebrity chefs favouring it in recipes. This of course pushed up the demand and therefore the price. However, lamb shanks still work out cheaper than some other cuts, such as lamb cutlets, for the amount of meat you get. Continue reading

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