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devonshire squab pie

Devon Squab Pie

This old-fashioned lamb pie which dates back over 100 years combines lamb with fruit and spices. It is known as Devon or Devonshire squab pie, Gloucester squab pie or West Country squab pie. In Devon, this is often served with clotted cream on the side; outside of Devon, usually not. A squab usually refers to a young domestic pigeon but this pie has been made with lamb for many years. It is thought either the original pie was made with pigeon or the name comes from ‘squabble’ which means to have a disagreement about whether to make meat pie or apple pie (since this one contains both).

This very tasty pie contains lamb, apples and spices, and has a pastry lid. It is hearty and filling, and therefore perfect comfort food for the cooler seasons. It can be made as one large pie or you can use separate ramekins to make portion-sized servings. There are various versions of squab pie. In fact, in the US it is actually made with pigeons. Agatha Christie, a famous English crime novelist, created a variation with hard boiled eggs.

Devon squab pie is one of those ‘at risk’ British classic recipes because only 3 percent of teenagers surveyed in Britain had ever tasted it. Despite this, if you are interested in historical British or English recipes, Devon squab pie is worth making, because the combination of lamb, apples and spices works really nicely, and the puff pastry crust on top is delicious. Serve this with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Continue reading

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