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The Best Dessert Chefs in Britain

Perhaps you are familiar with BBC2’s cookery programme ‘Great British Menu’ which pits up-and-coming British chefs against one another to see who can prepare the most delicious food. Each episode focuses on a slightly different element of cooking to see which chef is the best all-rounder, capable of making delicious starters, satisfying main dishes and perfect puddings as well.

Because the UK has so many fantastic recipes and a wealth of food and cooking history, many of the chefs on the programme opt to recreate British classics, perhaps altering them slightly to add their own unique touch. This is easy to do yourself. Take sherry trifle, for example. It is hard to improve on a classic recipe like that but if you want to make sherry trifle your own, try swapping the sherry for brandy, using a different flavour of jelly, or adding something else to the mix.

The best chefs in Britain today are not those who make authentic recipes only, but those who have mastered the art of preparing traditional British recipes and are also able to put their own twist on those dishes and come up with their own signature recipes as well. This episode is the final in the series so you will see the most impressive British dessert recipes of all. The chefs like to save their very best for last. Continue reading

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