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Fish Pie with Haddock and Cod

This delicious, creamy fish pie is easy to make and it is perfect for the whole family. If you use bone-free, non-smoked fish and omit the mustard, you could even give this to your baby as it is or blended. We like to use haddock and cod to use this, but any skinless, boneless fish is good, so consider sole, salmon, pollock, or even a package of mixed chopped fish filets. We are adding peas and corn for colour, along with mustard, chives and green onion for extra flavour. You can add cheese to the fish layer and also add more over the potato topping if you want your pie extra-cheesy. Cheddar is great for this recipe.

Although most people would make this in an ovenproof dish and scoop out servings using a ladle, you might prefer to make individual pies using ramekins if you have enough. The cooking time should be similar, maybe slightly less, and you can serve the little ramekins on plates perhaps with some vegetables arranged around it. Consider asparagus, broccoli, snow peas (mangetout) or something similar to complement the taste.

We are using mustard in this pie and you can choose from Dijon mustard (which is medium) or English mustard (which is very hot, so be warned!) Fish pie, also known as ocean pie, is one of those dishes it pays to make yourself. You can get frozen fish pie in the UK from the supermarket, and while the flavour is acceptable, it is nowhere near as good as homemade fish pie. Continue reading

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