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chicken pie with homemade pastry

Chicken Pie with Homemade Pastry

Nothing says good evening and welcome home like the aroma of a hot, homemade pie in the oven, whether you are using beef, chicken, lamb or vegetables to make it. Here we are using chicken along with vegetables, herbs, spices and seasonings, to make a fantastic dinner for the whole family. We are making homemade pastry for this pie. The pastry is made with flour, butter, egg yolk and water, to keep things easy. All you need to do is combine the ingredients and you have homemade pastry, so if you have not tried making your own before, go for it! Homemade pastry is sure to make you proud of your British pie creation.

First you need to make the dough and then it is chilled while you combine the ingredients for the filling. Finally you need to line a baking dish with pastry, then bake it blind (with baking beans or, if you do not have them, with dried pulses), fill it, and then add the topping and bake it again until it is golden brown and perfect. This wonderful chicken pie is beautiful served with mashed potatoes and some fresh vegetables on the side. Everyone will want a second helping.

Consider a recipe like this whether you want to serve small wedges before your afternoon tea snacks, or you want to serve a filling evening meal to your whole family, something you have made with love and care. The combination of chicken, pastry and vegetables makes this hearty and filling, and everyone is sure to love the light, flake, homemade pastry, as well as the rich, creamy filling this chicken pie offers.

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