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beef wellington recipe

Impressive Beef Wellington

This exquisite dish is perfect for a special occasion. There is a fair amount of work involved, but it is worth it to make this spectacular recipe. You can make it ahead too if you like, up to 24 hours before baking in fact. Beef wellington is fillet steak coated in a mushroom mixture, and then wrapped in puff pastry. Some recipes wrap the beef in prosciutto or similar to stop the pastry from becoming soggy and keep the beef moist. You can either cook the beef wellington in one big piece and then cut it up to serve, or else cut it into slices before baking. Serve it with mashed potatoes and vegetables, for an impressive dinner.

The history of beef wellington is unclear. It is believed it might have been a British reinvention of bœuf en croûte, a French dish, the recipe slightly altered and given an English name. There are no 1800s recipes for the dish, although ‘fillet of beef, a la Wellington’ was featured in the LA Times in 1903. It might even have been named after Wellington in New Zealand, or have some connection with the English Duke of Wellington. No one knows for sure.

You can chop the mushrooms in a food processor or by hand. If you use a food processor, pulse-chop them, else you will end up with a slurry instead of breadcrumb-sized pieces of mushrooms. We like to use chestnut mushrooms along with some wild mushrooms in the mix too. We are also using thyme, white wine, prosciutto and more, for a truly gourmet flavour in every mouthful. Continue reading

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