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battenberg cake recipe

Battenberg Cake Recipe

Quintessentially British, amazing with any kind of tea, and instantly recognisable, Battenberg cake often makes an appearance at teatime. This pink and yellow light sponge cake is covered in marzipan and you can see a 2×2 pink and yellow check pattern when you slice it. This cake might be associated with Battenberg, a town in Germany or the aristocratic Battenberg family known in the UK in the 19th century as the Mountbattens.

The colours of Battenberg cake give it away because no other cake looks quite like it. You will often find slices of this cake at tea houses in Britain and of course also served at teatime with a pot of tea.

To serve this cake at teatime, cut it into 1 or 2 centimetre thick slices and arrange them on a china plate. The marzipan is sticky enough to hold the pink and yellow squares tightly. Many recipes feature a sticky layer of jam between the marzipan coating and the cake itself. If you want to make some Battenberg cake for teatime take a look at this video and find out how to make this delicious treat yourself. Continue reading

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