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apple chutney

Mulled Apple Chutney

Homemade chutney is worlds away from the shop-bought kind in terms of flavour. Here we are using apple, orange, cinnamon, cloves, onion and sugar for flavour, along with a touch of red wine vinegar to add a nice tang. This chutney is easy to make and it is great served anytime, especially during the cooler months of the year. Why not get the kids involved in making this? They can paint jars or apply glitter, then you can give some of this delicious mulled chutney to your family or friends for Christmas or another occasion. The fresh flavours are evident in every mouthful of this incredible chutney.

So how are you going to serve your homemade chutney? Well, one popular idea is to butter some toast or crackers, then add slices of English cheddar cheese. Top these taste starters with some of the chutney and perhaps a decorative sprig of mint. Chutney is also good with cold cuts of meat, or you can add it to sandwiches with leftover pork or chicken. Chutney recipes originated as a way of preserving seasonal gluts of fruit.

Although you can eat this chutney as soon as it is made, you can also keep it in sterilised jars for up to a year, as long as you seal them properly. Many people prefer to wait a few months before eating the chutney because the vinegar flavour will have mellowed out a bit. If you plan to make a batch ahead, open a jar after a few weeks and run a spoon along the top. If it leaves a trail and no excess vinegar runs into the train, the chutney is ready to eat. Continue reading

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