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Tasty Welsh Rarebit Recipe

This snack is made with bread, melted cheese and other ingredients, and it is served hot. Welsh rarebit, sometimes spelled Welsh rabbit, is similar to grilled cheese sandwiches, and in fact some recipes for it are much simpler than others! If I make this for the family I will use milk rather than beer but you can use either, along with mustard, Worcestershire sauce, butter, cheddar cheese, and fresh tomato. Start warming the oven up so it’s nice and hot when you’ve made the creamy cheese topping. Although you can put it under the grill (yes, that’s British for under the broiler!) it is perhaps easier just to bake it.

Some recipes will use béchamel sauce with some cheese added while others call for more cheese than liquid, along with flour, ale, or various other ingredients. Mustard usually features, and Worcestershire is also good because it adds a lot of flavour. You only need a few drops of it though. Everyone has their own favourite way of making this Welsh recipe, but it always makes great comfort food however you prepare it.

The Welsh have been toasted cheese on toast fans since the 16th century and it’s thought the dish’s original name was Welsh rabbit (not rarebit) because it was a joke that if the hunter in the family had failed to bring home a rabbit for the evening meal, grilled cheese would just have to do instead! Some people say the word ‘rabbit’ was used because the dish was introduced into Paris at the start of the 20th century and ‘rarebit’ was a confusing word. Actually it was usually referred to as ‘le Welsh’ in Paris, else people would be wondering where the rabbit was in the recipe! Continue reading

Traditional Glamorgan Sausages

Glamorgan sausages are famous in Wales, and they are very tasty. These sausages are vegetarian (not vegan because they have eggs and milk in them) and mainly made with leek and cheese. Caerphilly cheese is the classic, traditional choice, although you might not be able to get it where you live, so if you cannot find it, use mild cheddar instead. If you cannot get leek, or do not want to use it, use the white parts of green onions (spring onions) or else regular yellow or white onion instead. Another substitution is switching the dried mixed herbs for a tablespoon of fresh parsley and ½ teaspoon of thyme.

All you need to do to make these is combine the ingredients, shape the sausages and pan fry them in oil and/or butter. Because these sausages are vegetarian, they have a very short cooking time. Serve them with salad or vegetables. If you usually only have meat sausages, why not try these? They certainly make a change of pace from regular pork or beef sausages, and the flavour is refreshing and deliciously different.

Glamorgan sausages are traditional Welsh sausages which were originally made with Glamorgan cheese. This particular variety is no longer made because sadly the Glamorgan cattle used to make it are near-extinct. Caerphilly cheese is usually used in its place. This is a descendent of Glamorgan cheese and offers a very similar flavour and texture. Mild cheddar is a bit different, but will work if you cannot get Welsh cheese. Continue reading

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